Since I’ve visited a lot of museums, I found pretty diverse animal crafts there.

I decided to start doing a series of animals what I’ve seen in museums.

Victoria and Albert Museum / London

   I found some small fighting animals and blossom in a 16th-century Persian large scale carpet.

These works I made are all based on real artworks in the museum.​​​​​​​

The Chelsea Carpet
The main field contains two large X-shaped compositions made up of large and small medallions. They are balanced by the central device-two vases of flowers on elaborate stands, set on either side of a fish pond. Half of this central device is repeated at either end. The densely decorated field and border include many animals, shown in repose or in combat.

The history of the carpet is unknown. It is called the Chelsea carpet because it was purchased from a dealer in that part of London.

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