Since I’ve visited a lot of museums, I found pretty diverse animal crafts there.

I decided to start doing a series of animals what I’ve seen in museums.

● Rijksmuseum / Amsterdam

    These parrots and Cuckoo are from a cabinet which is a typical product of the luxury industry of Augsburg.

These works I made are all based on real artworks in the museum.

attributed to Elias Boscher(c.1600-1667/1674)
Augsburg, c.1660-1670

The work of many artists and workshops is combined in this cabinet. It is a typical product of the luxury industry of Augsburg, where costly pieces were produced for patrons throughout Europe. The balanced structure is aimed at showing the pietre dure mosaics to advantage. However, the unruly kwab style is present in a number of surrounds in ivory and silver-gilt.

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