Tiger Party is an international interactive agency, known for their design and operation of large-scale high-level signage management systems in New York’s Times Square. This time, Tiger Party partnered with Shanghai Sansi to showcase their service technology at the “ISE 2023 Integrated Systems Europe” and the “IFA 2023 Europe’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show”, while we were responsible for producing the animation display required for the screens.

#Screen A+B : Animation for use on a large L-shaped LED screen

The inspiration for this animation comes from Tiger Party’s years of experience in signage operation at Times Square. We wanted to incorporate elements of New York City into the visual animation and link North America and Europe by using a universally recognized food element – pizza, as the primary animation theme. At the same time, we used bright and colourful colour schemes to showcase the visual effect of the billboard. We also considered using a huge L-shaped LED screen at the exhibition and designed a pizza box opening effect to correspond with the screen shape.

#Screen C

Style frames

ISE & IFA On-Site

▒ Credits
Production:Wild Design
Client:Tiger Party

Director:Szu-Yu Hou
Project Manager:Phil Wu、Chia Yi Yu
Storyboard:Szu-Yu Hou
Styleframes:Szu-Yu Hou、Mizu Huang
Animation:Mizu Huang、Doris Lin、Szu-Yu Hou
Compositing:Szu-Yu Hou

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