There are a lot of natural disasters that happen around the world every year, including earthquakes. I was born in a country that experiences a lot of earthquakes: Taiwan. There are around 2000 earthquakes per year, and strong earthquakes occur quite often as well. As a result, we have a legend about the earthquake.


There are also a lot of earthquake legends related to animals in other countries, such as Japan, Chile, Mongolia and Siberia.

These legends are what inspired me to create this series.


● Taiwan

Legend has it that a buffalo living underground will cause an earthquake when it turns over.

● Mongolia

Mongolians once believed that the world sat on the back of an enormous frog.
The frog would stumble, when this huge frog moves, the Earth moves directly above the part of him that moved.

●  Japan

A giant catfish, or namazu, lies curled up under the sea, with the islands of Japan resting on his back.
A daimyojin holds a heavy stone over his head to keep him from moving. Once in a while, when the daimyojin is distracted, the namazu moves and the Earth trembles.

●  Siberia
The Earth rests on a sledge driven by a god. The dogs who pull the sledge have fleas.
When they stop to scratch, the Earth shakes.
●  Chile
People in southern Chile think the earthquake is made by a fierce battle between two mythical snakes.

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Thank you Behance and Adobe for sharing my Mythical Animals of Earthquake.

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