To celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2019, BBIN is launching a TGB Charity event “FOR THE NEXT” with the international charity organization, Trees for The Future. Joining in World Environment Day on June 5, BBIN will plant 200 thousand trees around the world. BBIN invite you to support tree planting for a better future. The more seeds you click, the more trees BBIN will plant.








▒ Credit

Directed by:野人設計 Wild Design
Client:寶盈集團 BBIN

Project Manager:陳志育 Ida Chen
Creative:侯思妤 Szu-Yu Hou、陳志育 Ida Chen、 吳昱緯 Phil Wu 
Storyboard:侯思妤 Szu-Yu Hou、陳志育 Ida Chen、吳昱緯 Phil Wu 
Designer / Illustrator:侯思妤 Szu-Yu Hou
Motion Designer:吳昱緯 Phil Wu、陳勁瑋 Jimmy Chen、黃敏琇 Mizu Huang
Cel Animation:Stephen Vuillemin
Music & Sound Design:黃榮毅 Eazie Huang