I created a very traditional Taiwanese style balcony to thanks for all healthcare workers fighting COVID-19! Great initiative from and Motionappetit#stayhomestaypositive

Animals in the Museum

Since I’ve visited a lot of museums, I found pretty diverse animal crafts there, I decided to start doing a series of animals what I’ve seen in museums. ● Rijksmuseum / Amsterdam     These parrots and Cuckoo are from a cabinet which is a typical product of the luxury industry of Augsburg. These works […]

Year of the Rat 2020

Here comes the year of the rat, as I’m a cat person, need to show the cats in the zodiac, even though it’s not in the zodiac.

Modern Toy Cats

This series is based on my adorable cats.I used a ceramic and pure color to create a 3D illustration style.

◍Halloween 2019◍   While I’m sleeping, my cat keeps staring at me, I guess that’s why I always want a cat lamp.  

2019 TGB Charity

To celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2019, BBIN is launching a TGB Charity event “FOR THE NEXT” with the international charity organization, Trees for The Future. Joining in World Environment Day on June 5, BBIN will plant 200 thousand trees around the world. BBIN invite you to support tree planting for a better future. The […]